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por EMUVE Administrator - Quinta, 20 Setembro 2012, 09:37

EMUVE Project introduces us to a teaching and learning methodology which has
the potential to produce educational environments that integrate both real world
activities and emerging technologies.

EMUVE main idea is to develop a
Multi-User Virtual Environment for Entrepreneurs that want to increase
entrepreneurship abilities and raise knowledge in areas such as marketing,
business, finance, innovation, project management and internationalization. By
doing it, this project will promote successful entrepreneurship and improve the
business environment in SMEs, allowing them to realize their full potential in
today's global economy.

EMUVE is based on the innovation transfer of
projects ENTER, PREMIO and SUMMIT. Furthermore, this project will combine those
contents with an innovative web virtual science and technological park
environment integrating entrepreneurship training and a mentoring model through
a virtual community of learning.

This virtual world called 2nd Life is a
place where people "co-inhabit" with millions of other people simultaneously.

EMUVE will be a learning system that combines simulation, pedagogy, and
"hard fun" to create a truly engaging and behaviour-changing form of learning
where the learners are co-learners and also co-authors.


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