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EMUVE Project introduces us to a teaching and learning methodology which has the potential to produce educational environments that integrate both real world activities and emerging technologies.

EMUVE main idea is to develop a Multi-User Virtual Environment for Entrepreneurs that want to increase entrepreneurship abilities and raise knowledge in areas such as marketing, business, finance, innovation, project management and internationalization. By doing it, this project will promote successful entrepreneurship and improve the business environment in SMEs, allowing them to realize their full potential in today's global economy.   + More


Trainees will be involved in a training plan based on a double system of transnational virtual world and e-learning. The themes/contents do not follow a rigid training sequence (although it is suggested a training path) because it is intended that the end of the course, the trainee can develop its own business plan, which will bring together the various contents and knowledge learned during the course.   + More

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